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05-05-16 (11:58)   DVD/Bluray Cover Art - Various Shows - 5th May 2016 *Updated* (Spoiler TV)
05-05-16 (08:13)   Person of Interest - Episode 5.02 - SNAFU - Promos & Press Release *Updated* (Spoiler TV)
05-05-16 (01:18)   'Person Of Interest' Season 5: Finale Run Will 'Blow Things Up', Will There Be Any Survivors? [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
04-05-16 (22:13)   Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Tuesday 3rd May 2016 (Spoiler TV)
04-05-16 (18:46)   'Person Of Interest' Final Season Opens OK, 'The Voice' Is Testing Ratings Lows (Deadline.com)
04-05-16 (17:43)   TV Ratings Report: Person of Interest Returns On Par (TV Fanatic)
04-05-16 (17:27)   TVLine's May 2016 Sweeps Scorecard *Updated 4th May 2016* (Spoiler TV)
04-05-16 (17:20)   Ratings: Person of Interest Returns Up From Year Ago, Bests Limitless Finale (TVLine)
04-05-16 (15:38)   Person Of Interest 'Wont Have A Happy Ending' Warns Boss (Seriable)
04-05-16 (15:04)   TV Club: Person Of Interest gets back to basics but fails to transcend them (The A.V. Club)
04-05-16 (14:13)   Ratings News - 4th May 2016 (Spoiler TV)
04-05-16 (11:43)   Watch Person of Interest Online: Season 5 Episode 1 (TV Fanatic)
04-05-16 (10:31)   Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 2 "SNAFU" Extended Promo (Spoilers Guide)
04-05-16 (06:44)   POLL: Favorite Scene in Person of Interest - B.S.O.D. (Spoiler TV)
04-05-16 (05:31)   Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 2 "SNAFU" Promo (Spoilers Guide)
04-05-16 (05:20)   Person of Interest Final Season Premiere Recap: How We Fought Back (TVLine)
04-05-16 (05:13)   Person of Interest - B.S.O.D. - Review: "Uncharted waters" + POLL (Spoiler TV)
04-05-16 (05:12)   Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 1 Review: B.S.O.D. (TV Fanatic)
04-05-16 (05:04)   'Person of Interest' dedicates premiere to 3 crew members lost this past year (Zap2it.com)
04-05-16 (02:37)   'Person of Interest' Live Stream: How to Watch the Show Online (Heavy.com)
04-05-16 (01:52)   Person Of Interest Season 6 Revival Away From CBS? 'Never Say Never' (Seriable)
03-05-16 (18:49)   Person of Interest Final Season Preview: Finch vs. Root, Samaritan's New Tricks, a Questionable Allegiance and More (TVLine)
03-05-16 (18:00)   "Person of Interest" EPs Serve Up Death and Closure in Final Season (Comic Book Resources)
03-05-16 (11:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 3rd May 2016 (Spoiler TV)
03-05-16 (09:49)   'Person Of Interest' Season 5: 'Things Look Worse Than Worse', Michael Emerson Previews Premiere [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
03-05-16 (07:31)   Person of Interest Season 5: The Machine Will Be Different (Spoilers Guide)
03-05-16 (07:04)   What's On Tonight: For Person Of Interest, there's still so much ass left to kick, so little time (The A.V. Club)
03-05-16 (02:11)   TV THIS WEEK: Houdini & Doyle premieres, Person of Interest returns, and more! (Blastr.com)
02-05-16 (23:02)   Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 1 ''B.S.O.D'' Sneak Peeks (Spoilers Guide)
02-05-16 (22:42)   Person of Interest's Final Season: Who Will Prevail, Samaritan or the Machine? (TVGuide.com)
02-05-16 (22:27)   Person of Interest - Episode 5.01 - B.S.O.D. - Sneak Peeks, Press Release, Promotional Photos + Featurette *Updated* (Spoiler TV)
02-05-16 (07:04)   Interview: The exec producers of Person Of Interest suspect Facebook will destroy the world (The A.V. Club)
02-05-16 (01:52)   Person Of Interest Season 6 Possible Despite Definitive Series Finale (Seriable)
01-05-16 (23:44)   Person of Interest - Season 5 - Advance Preview: "An unconcerned third party" (Spoiler TV)
01-05-16 (20:04)   'The Good Wife' has seen the last of Elsbeth, 'Person of Interest' will get more Preston (Zap2it.com)
29-04-16 (23:31)   Person of Interest Season 5: Fusco Is Going To Be In Trouble (Spoilers Guide)
29-04-16 (21:44)   Latest from EW - Various Shows - 29th April 2016 (Spoiler TV)
29-04-16 (06:45)   Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 5 "ShotSeeker" Photos (Spoilers Guide)
29-04-16 (06:45)   Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 4 "6,741" Photos (Spoilers Guide)
28-04-16 (21:02)   Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 1 ''B.S.O.D'' - Behind The Scenes [Video] (Spoilers Guide)
28-04-16 (18:34)   Person of Interest Final Season Photos: Shaw's Return, Shot Machine and More (TVLine)
28-04-16 (02:03)   'Person Of Interest' Season 5: Is Shaw Brainwashed? EPs Tease Episode 4 Threat [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
27-04-16 (17:44)   Person of Interest - Episode 5.05 - ShotSeeker - Press Release + Promotional Photos *Updated* (Spoiler TV)
27-04-16 (17:44)   Person of Interest - Episode 5.04 - 6,741 - Press Release + Promotional Photos *Updated* (Spoiler TV)
27-04-16 (04:31)   Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 5 "ShotSeeker" Guide (Spoilers Guide)
27-04-16 (04:31)   Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 4 "6,741" Guide (Spoilers Guide)
26-04-16 (16:58)   Person of Interest - Season 5 - Posters, Promo + Extended Promo *Updated* (Spoiler TV)
24-04-16 (23:32)   'Person Of Interest' Season 5: Deadly Finale To Spark A Reboot? Michael Emerson Teases Future [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
23-04-16 (07:31)   Person of Interest Season 5: Possibility For a Reboot (Spoilers Guide)
23-04-16 (00:38)   Person Of Interest Rebooted Elsewhere? Not Impossible Say Producers (Seriable)
22-04-16 (23:11)   Person of Interest Producers Haven't Ruled Out a Reboot (TVGuide.com)
21-04-16 (20:16)   Person of Interest Season 5 - "They Are Coming" Trailer (Spoilers Guide)
20-04-16 (11:49)   'Person Of Interest' Season 5: The Machine Has A Glitch! Episode 2 Plot & First Promo Released [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
20-04-16 (03:16)   Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 3 "Truth Be Told" Guide (Spoilers Guide)
20-04-16 (01:59)   What Person Of Interest's Season 5 Return Will Be About (Cinemabled)
20-04-16 (00:44)   Person of Interest - Episode 5.03 - Truth Be Told - Press Release + Promotional Photos *Updated* (Spoiler TV)
20-04-16 (00:21)   Person Of Interest Season 5 Trailer - The Final Chapter (Seriable)
19-04-16 (21:16)   Person of Interest Season 5 - "Rebirth" Promo (Spoilers Guide)
19-04-16 (20:20)   Person of Interest Season 5 Trailer: Final Chapter Braves 'Uncharted Waters' (TVLine)
19-04-16 (04:31)   Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 2 "Snafu" Guide (Spoilers Guide)
17-04-16 (11:44)   Top Posts of the Week - 17th April 2016 (Spoiler TV)
14-04-16 (23:31)   Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 1 ''B.S.O.D'' Photos (Season Premiere) (Spoilers Guide)
14-04-16 (23:16)   Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 1 ''B.S.O.D'' Photos (Spoilers Guide)
14-04-16 (09:45)   Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 1 "B.S.O.D" Guide (Spoilers Guide)
13-04-16 (05:18)   'Person Of Interest' Season 5: Premiere Plot Revealed! What's In Store For 'B.S.O.D.'? [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
25-03-16 (14:32)   'Empire' Season 2: How Taraji P. Henson Is Involved In NFL Boyfriend's Child Support Case [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
20-03-16 (10:13)   Top Posts of the Week - 20th March 2016 (Spoiler TV)
18-03-16 (00:04)   'Person of Interest' Cancelled; Season Five Will Be Its Last (SlashFilm)
17-03-16 (10:02)   CBS Sets Season Finale Dates for 'Supergirl', 'Scorpion' & More; 'Person of Interest', 'Mike & Molly' Return Dates Announced (Spoilers Guide)
17-03-16 (03:34)   'Person of Interest' Officially Ending With Season 5. Find Out Other CBS Finale Dates! (AceShowbiz.com)
17-03-16 (03:32)   'Person Of Interest' Season 5 Air Date: Premiere & Cancellation Announced, Will Finale Satisfy? [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
17-03-16 (02:33)   Newswire: As predicted, Person Of Interest is ending (The A.V. Club)
17-03-16 (02:27)   Person of Interest Will End After Its Fifth Season, But the Omniscient Machines Already Knew That (Vulture)
17-03-16 (02:02)   Person of Interest Season 5: This Is the End (Spoilers Guide)
17-03-16 (01:42)   Person of Interest to End Next Season (TVGuide.com)
17-03-16 (00:43)   Person of Interest to End After Season 5 (TV Fanatic)
16-03-16 (23:45)   Person of Interest Canceled: Find Out When The Final Season Will Air (E! Online)
16-03-16 (23:45)   Person Of Interest Has Been Cancelled, Season 5 Will Be Its Last (Cinemabled)
16-03-16 (23:29)   "Person of Interest' Officially Ending After Five Seasons on CBS (Comic Book Resources)
16-03-16 (23:14)   We Finally Know When Person Of Interest Is Returning (Cinemabled)
16-03-16 (23:04)   It's Official: 'Person of Interest' to End With Season 5 (Hollywood Reporter)
16-03-16 (23:03)   'Person Of Interest' To End After 5 Seasons (Deadline.com)
16-03-16 (23:00)   'Person of Interest' to Conclude After 5 Seasons (TheWrap.com)
16-03-16 (22:59)   'Person of Interest' Season 5 Premiere Date Announced; Will Be Final Season [Update] (Collider)
16-03-16 (22:59)   CBS Sets 'Person of Interest' Final Season Premiere, 'Good Wife' Series Finale and More (BuddyTV)
16-03-16 (22:49)   Person of Interest Officially Cancelled (TVLine)
16-03-16 (22:44)   Person of Interest - Season 5 - Confirmed to be Final Season + CBS Finale Dates Revealed (Spoiler TV)
16-03-16 (22:38)   Person Of Interest Officially Cancelled After Five Seasons By CBS (Seriable)
16-03-16 (22:33)   'Person of Interest's' final season sets premiere and finale dates (Zap2it.com)
16-03-16 (22:03)   CBS Sets 'Person Of Interest' Premiere Date, 'Mike & Molly' Return & Finales (Deadline.com)
16-03-16 (21:38)   Person Of Interest Season 5 Premiere Date & CBS Finale Dates (Seriable)
16-03-16 (21:33)   CBS Sets 'Person of Interest,' 'Mike & Molly' Returns and Finale Dates (Hollywood Reporter)
16-03-16 (21:03)   Person of Interest Season 5 Premiere Date Announced (and There's a Twist) (TVLine)
07-03-16 (20:14)   Janelle Monae Joins Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer in Fox 2000's 'Hidden Figures' (Exclusive) (TheWrap.com)
01-03-16 (22:50)   Newswire: Kevin Costner joins Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer for NASA drama Hidden Figures (The A.V. Club)
01-03-16 (19:43)   Kevin Costner Joins Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer Drama 'Hidden Figures' (TheWrap.com)
01-03-16 (18:18)   Makeup Monday: Taraji P. Henson's Eyebrow Guru Debuts New MAC Collab (Hollywood Reporter)
29-02-16 (23:33)   'Person of Interest's' Sarah Shahi cast as Nancy Drew in CBS' 'Drew' reboot (Zap2it.com)
29-02-16 (22:21)   Person Of Interest Axing ? Sarah Shahi To Play Nancy Drew In CBS Pilot (Seriable)
29-02-16 (22:00)   CBS Casts "Person of Interest's" Sarah Shahi as Nancy Drew (Comic Book Resources)
29-02-16 (21:49)   POI's Sarah Shahi Is CBS' Nancy Drew (TVLine)
26-02-16 (16:28)   Watch Taraji P. Henson, Oscar Isaac and More Read Mean Tweets About Themselves (TVGuide.com)
26-02-16 (15:03)   'Empire' Cast: Taraji P. Henson Gets Revenge On Jussie Smollett [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
26-02-16 (07:44)   Watch Oscar Isaac, Taraji P. Henson, George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, and Sean Penn Read Mean Tweets on Kimmel (Vulture)
25-02-16 (16:47)   Taraji P. Henson Improvises for the Acting Game With Jimmy Fallon (Hollywood Reporter)
25-02-16 (16:28)   Taraji P. Henson Plays "The Acting Game" on The Tonight Show (TVGuide.com)
25-02-16 (15:27)   Taraji P. Henson Swears She Can Tell the Difference Between Coldplay and Maroon 5, Which Is More Than You Can Say (Vulture)
25-02-16 (09:13)   Watch Taraji P. Henson Play the Acting Game With Fallon, Do Her Best Impression of Cookie Freaking Out in Space (Vulture)
25-02-16 (07:16)   Taraji P. Henson Plays The Acting Game on The Tonight Show (TVOvermind)
24-02-16 (22:18)   'Castle' Season 8 Spoilers: Main Character Becomes Person Of Interest In Murder Investigation? [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
18-02-16 (16:50)   Newswire: Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer to co-star as real-life math geniuses (The A.V. Club)
17-02-16 (23:13)   Octavia Spencer Will Play a Math Genius Across From Taraji P. Henson's Math Genius in a Movie About Inspiring Math Geniuses (Vulture)
17-02-16 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which team would you support on Person of Interest? (Spoiler TV)
14-02-16 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which of these characters from current TV shows have a personality that is instantly likeable? (Spoiler TV)
11-02-16 (14:44)   Taraji P. Henson to Play Math Genius Katherine Johnson, Help America Get What's Ours, Space Race?Wise (Vulture)
11-02-16 (01:46)   Taraji P. Henson Adds Up For Fox 2000's 'Hidden Figures' (Deadline.com)
11-02-16 (00:33)   Taraji P. Henson to Star in Fox 2000's 'Hidden Figures' (Hollywood Reporter)
09-02-16 (15:49)   'Empire' Cast: Taraji P. Henson Has The Best Explanation For Mixing Up Maroon 5 & Coldplay [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
09-02-16 (01:04)   Maroon 5 Responds to Taraji P. Henson's Coldplay Super Bowl Mix-Up (Hollywood Reporter)
08-02-16 (22:37)   Maroon 5 respond to Taraji P. Henson confusing them with Coldplay (EW.com)
08-02-16 (18:44)   Taraji P. Henson Has the Most Gloriously Taraji Excuse for Her Coldplay-Maroon 5 Mix-up (Vulture)
08-02-16 (16:31)   Sorry, Coldplay! Taraji P. Henson Thinks Maroon Five Played at the 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show (E! Online)
08-02-16 (06:34)   Adam Levine Reacts to Taraji P. Henson Mistaking Coldplay for Maroon 5 (AceShowbiz.com)
08-02-16 (05:23)   Taraji P. Henson Thought Maroon 5 Played The Super Bowl Halftime Show (The Huffington Post)
08-02-16 (03:33)   Taraji P. Henson fumbles at Super Bowl 50, mistakes Coldplay with Maroon 5 (Zap2it.com)
24-01-16 (11:44)   Top Posts of the Week - 24th January 2016 (Spoiler TV)
20-01-16 (22:37)   How to Have an Amazing Year Like Taraji P. Henson (The Huffington Post)
18-01-16 (11:16)   Person of Interest Season 5: Carrie Preston Returning (Spoilers Guide)
18-01-16 (05:32)   'Person Of Interest' Season 5: Get Ready For Grace's Return! Carrie Preston Teases Multi-Episode Arc [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
17-01-16 (17:13)   SpoilerTV - Fact or Fiction - SpoilerTV Team Weighs In (Spoiler TV)
17-01-16 (01:03)   Halle Berry News 2016: Is The Hollywood Actress Jealous Of Taraji P. Henson And Her Success? [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
16-01-16 (22:13)   Person of Interest - Season 5 - Carrie Preston Returning (Spoiler TV)
16-01-16 (16:03)   Did Halle Berry Leave Her Longtime Manager Because of Taraji P. Henson? (AceShowbiz.com)
14-01-16 (06:32)   'Person Of Interest' Season 5: When Will The Premiere Air? CBS Drops New Scheduling Details (ENSTARZ)
14-01-16 (01:06)   Taraji P. Henson On The Most Important Thing About Cookie Lyon (The Huffington Post)
13-01-16 (01:18)   Style Notes: Viola Davis, Taraji P. Henson Cover Elle; Trans Model Hari Neff Pens Essay for Lenny (Hollywood Reporter)
12-01-16 (20:59)   'Mike and Molly' Officially Canceled, 'Person of Interest' to Return in Spring (BuddyTV)
12-01-16 (20:30)   Person of Interest Will Air This Spring Says CBS Boss: Is Season Five It? (TVOvermind)
12-01-16 (20:21)   Person Of Interest Season 5 ? Spring 2016 Premiere Date & Series Finale Plans (Seriable)
12-01-16 (20:06)   Here's How Taraji P. Henson Would Silence Homophobic 'Empire' Haters (The Huffington Post)
12-01-16 (19:17)   'Person Of Interest' To Return In Spring, No Decision To End Series - TCA (Deadline.com)
12-01-16 (19:16)   Elle's 2016 Women in TV List Is Its Most Diverse Ever, Featuring Viola Davis, Taraji P. Henson, Priyanka Chopra and More (E! Online)
12-01-16 (18:49)   Person of Interest Will Air This Spring, CBS Boss Promises (TVLine)
12-01-16 (05:18)   'Person Of Interest' Season 5: A 'Heartbreaking' End In Store? JJ Abram Talks Cancellation [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
11-01-16 (21:17)   Taraji P. Henson Signs With UTA (Deadline.com)
11-01-16 (21:16)   Prepare for an Even More "Unpredictable" Empire--Plus, Taraji P. Henson's Costars Can't Stop Gushing (E! Online)
11-01-16 (17:14)   Golden Globes Party Report: Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Winslet, Taraji P. Henson Celebrate (Photos) (TheWrap.com)
11-01-16 (14:45)   Taraji P. Henson Wishes She Were Able to Give Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman Cookies at the Golden Globes (E! Online)
11-01-16 (07:04)   How to Get Golden Globe Winner Taraji P. Henson's Ethereal Eye Makeup (Hollywood Reporter)
11-01-16 (06:52)   Taraji P. Henson Wins Golden Globe For Best Actress In A TV Drama (The Huffington Post)
11-01-16 (05:44)   Taraji P. Henson Waited 20 Years to Give the Golden Globes Her Cookies, So You Gon' Have to Wait (Vulture)
11-01-16 (05:03)   Golden Globes 2016: Taraji P. Henson Included in Full List of TV Winners (AceShowbiz.com)
11-01-16 (05:02)   Taraji P. Henson Hands Out Cookies at the Golden Globes After Winning Best Actress in a Drama, Leonardo DiCaprio Takes a Bite! (E! Online)
11-01-16 (04:34)   Taraji P. Henson Wins Best Actress in a Drama at 2016 Golden Globes (TVLine)
11-01-16 (04:16)   Person of Interest Season 5: Is It Time to Say Goodbye? (Spoilers Guide)
11-01-16 (03:04)   Taraji P. Henson Is Wearing Stella McCartney at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards (Hollywood Reporter)
11-01-16 (02:31)   Taraji P. Henson Jokes About Her Influential Role as Cookie Lyon on Empire: ''Who Knew an Ex-Con Would Take Me So Far?'' (E! Online)
11-01-16 (01:34)   Golden Globes Red Carpet: Outlander Duo, Taraji P. Henson and More Stars (TVLine)
11-01-16 (00:45)   Person Of Interest Is Probably Cancelled, According To J.J. Abrams (Cinemabled)
10-01-16 (00:33)   Newswire: J.J. Abrams predicts Person Of Interest is probably ending soon (The A.V. Club)
09-01-16 (20:32)   'Person Of Interest' Likely Ending After Season 5, J.J. Abrams Says - TCA (Deadline.com)
09-01-16 (19:59)   'Person of Interest' Likely Ending After Season 5, Says J.J. Abrams (Collider)
09-01-16 (19:33)   'Person of Interest' Likely Ending With Season 5, J.J. Abrams Says (Hollywood Reporter)
09-01-16 (19:13)   Person of Interest - Season 5 - JJ Abrams confirms likely end; not currently looking for another home (Spoiler TV)
09-01-16 (18:38)   Person Of Interest Cancellation Further Confirmed By JJ. Abrams (Seriable)
09-01-16 (18:20)   Person of Interest Likely Headed Into Final Season, J.J. Abrams Confirms (TVLine)
08-01-16 (23:38)   Person Of Interest Season 5 Premiere Date ? CBS Breaks Silence (Seriable)
07-01-16 (05:27)   People's Choice Awards 2016 - Full List of Results with Non-Televised Winners & Photos (Spoiler TV)
04-01-16 (17:03)   'Empire' Cast: Taraji P. Henson Denies Dating NFL Player That Was Allegedly Two-Timing Her [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
31-12-15 (12:13)   Show of the Year 2015 - Readers MEGA Poll *Winners Announced* (Spoiler TV)
30-12-15 (22:38)   Person Of Interest Season 4 Now On Netflix (Seriable)
30-12-15 (17:44)   SpoilerTV Team's 10 Best TV Moments of 2015 (Spoiler TV)
29-12-15 (16:34)   New Couple Alert! Taraji P. Henson Holds Hands With Kelvin Hayden in Miami (AceShowbiz.com)
29-12-15 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which Person of Interest spin-off would work best for you? (Spoiler TV)
29-12-15 (04:02)   Taraji P. Henson Flaunts Her Bikini Body While Holding Hands With Football Player Kelvin Hayden (E! Online)
21-12-15 (13:44)   Person of Interest - Episode 5.13 - Episode Title revealed + 5.10 Title (Spoiler TV)
17-12-15 (12:21)   Person Of Interest To Run 7 Seasons Despite CBS Axe? (Seriable)
17-12-15 (10:44)   The @SpoilerTV Top 20 Shows of the Year - 2015 (Spoiler TV)
16-12-15 (18:31)   Person of Interest Season 5: Will This Season Be the Last? (Spoilers Guide)
16-12-15 (13:13)   2015 - Year End Stats - Most Popular Shows, Videos, Articles and More (Spoiler TV)
16-12-15 (03:32)   'Person Of Interest' Season 5: Can The Finale Function As A Series Finale? EP Details Show's Future [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
16-12-15 (01:13)   Latest from TVLine - Various Shows - 15th December 2015 (Spoiler TV)
15-12-15 (05:16)   Person of Interest Season 5: BTS Pics Washington (Spoilers Guide)
13-12-15 (20:58)   Person of Interest - Season 5 - Harper Rose and Logan Pearce to Return + BTS Photos (Spoiler TV)
10-12-15 (22:44)   On the First Day of Christmas, Your True Loves Gave to You: Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard Doing a Crazy Kimye Impression (Vulture)
10-12-15 (19:23)   Taraji P. Henson And Terrence Howard's Kimye Impressions Are Spot On (The Huffington Post)
10-12-15 (18:29)   Golden Globes: 'Empire' Producer Brian Grazer on Enduring Success, Taraji P. Henson's Magic (TheWrap.com)
10-12-15 (01:16)   Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard's White Hot Holidays Special Will Help Your Empire Withdrawal (E! Online)
09-12-15 (18:44)   Person of Interest - Episode 5.12 - 5 BTS Set Videos (Spoiler TV)
09-12-15 (17:04)   Taraji P. Henson Chews Out James Corden for Trying to Audition for Cookie Lyon on 'Empire' (Hollywood Reporter)
09-12-15 (16:20)   Taraji P. Henson Wrecks James Corden at Empire 'Audition' ? Watch Video (TVLine)
09-12-15 (16:14)   James Corden Calls Taraji P. Henson a 'Salty Fake-Ass Ho' in Cookie Lyon 'Empire' Audition (Video) (TheWrap.com)
09-12-15 (15:16)   The Late Late Show Unearthed Taraji P. Henson's Audition Tape for Cookie Lyon, Faced Intense Competition (E! Online)
09-12-15 (09:13)   Turns Out Taraji P. Henson Had to Beat James Corden for the Role of Cookie Lyon (Vulture)
08-12-15 (05:44)   Person of Interest - Episode 5.11 - Title Revealed (Spoiler TV)
30-11-15 (22:21)   CBS Winter 2016 Premiere Dates ? Angel From Hell, But No Person Of Interest (Seriable)
25-11-15 (19:49)   Cancellation Jitters: 8 Shows in Danger (TVLine)
24-11-15 (00:03)   Person of interest arrested in slaying of California muralist (Reuters)
23-11-15 (22:26)   Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard to Host Music and Variety Special "Taraji and Terrence's White Hot Holidays," Wednesday, December 9, On FOX (The Futon Critic)
23-11-15 (21:50)   Newswire: Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard will host White Hot Holidays on Fox (The A.V. Club)
23-11-15 (21:13)   Fox Gives Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard a Holiday Special So That It Will Be the Favorite Son (Vulture)
23-11-15 (19:33)   Fox Gives Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard a 'White Hot' Holiday Special (Hollywood Reporter)
23-11-15 (19:32)   'Empire' Stars Taraji P. Henson & Terrence Howard Host Fox Holiday Music Special (Deadline.com)
23-11-15 (19:29)   'Empire' Stars Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard to Host Fox Holiday Special (TheWrap.com)
23-11-15 (19:20)   Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard to Co-Host Holiday Special on Fox (TVLine)
18-11-15 (22:13)   Person of Interest - Episode 5.12 - Title revealed (Spoiler TV)
18-11-15 (06:31)   Person of Interest Season 5: Shaw & Reese BTS Photo (Spoilers Guide)
17-11-15 (09:58)   Person of Interest - Season 5 - New BTS Photo - 17th November 2015 (Spoiler TV)
13-11-15 (03:32)   'Person Of Interest' Season 5: 'Milestones' Coming For Shaw & Root Romance, When Will They Be Reunited? (ENSTARZ)
12-11-15 (20:49)   For Person of Interest's LGBT Root and Shaw, 'A Lot of Milestones' Ahead (TVLine)
12-11-15 (06:31)   Person of Interest Season 5: What Happened to Shaw? (Spoilers Guide)
12-11-15 (05:03)   'Person Of Interest' Season 5: Finch & Root To Butt Heads, Who Will Change The Machine's 'Secret Formula'? (ENSTARZ)
11-11-15 (22:44)   Latest from TVLine - Various Shows - 11th November 2015 (Spoiler TV)
11-11-15 (22:20)   Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on POI, Castle, Arrow, The Originals, HTGAWM, Supernatural, Jane, P.D. and More (TVLine)
11-11-15 (16:33)   Taraji P. Henson's Makeup Artist Avoids Cookie's Beauty Looks on the Carpet (Hollywood Reporter)
11-11-15 (16:04)   Reese Witherspoon, Taraji P. Henson Cover THR's Annual Beauty Issue (Hollywood Reporter)
11-11-15 (14:33)   Taraji P. Henson and Her Makeup Artist Talk Cookie Lyon's Fierce 'Empire' Beauty Regime (Hollywood Reporter)
11-11-15 (10:04)   Exclusive Portraits of Reese Witherspoon, Taraji P. Henson and More With Their Beauty Experts (Hollywood Reporter)
10-11-15 (22:03)   Person of interest named in fatal shooting at New York's Penn Station (Reuters)
10-11-15 (06:45)   Person of Interest Season 5: Josh Close Set to Recur (Spoilers Guide)
09-11-15 (22:18)   People's Choice Award For Favorite TV Actress: Will Viola Davis Or Taraji P Henson Beat Ellen Pompeo This Year? [POLL] (ENSTARZ)
09-11-15 (18:07)   Person Of Interest Cancellation ? 5th and Likely Final Season Is 'Best Yet' (Seriable)
09-11-15 (16:58)   Person of Interest - Season 5 - Josh Close gets recurring role (Spoiler TV)
09-11-15 (16:49)   Person of Interest: Fargo's Josh Close to Recur During 'Best Season Ever' (TVLine)
05-11-15 (04:14)   'Empire's' Taraji P. Henson Gives Into Temptation With Adam Rodriguez (TheWrap.com)
04-11-15 (19:44)   Person of Interest - Season 5 - BTS Set Video - 4th November 2015 (Spoiler TV)
03-11-15 (19:44)   People's Choice Awards 2016 - Nominees Announced (Spoiler TV)
03-11-15 (17:55)   Amy Schumer and Taraji P. Henson Annnounced as the First Entertainers of the Year to Be Honored at the "VH1 Big in 2015 with Entertainment Weekly" Party Premiering Monday, December 7th at 9 PM ET/PT on VH1 (The Futon Critic)
03-11-15 (15:23)   Taraji P. Henson Is A Showstopper In Cut-Out Alexander Wang (The Huffington Post)
03-11-15 (15:14)   Amy Schumer, 'Empire' Star Taraji P. Henson to Headline VH1-Entertainment Weekly's 'Big in 2015' (Exclusive) (TheWrap.com)
30-10-15 (13:18)   'Empire' Cast: Terrence Howard Says He's Retiring After Series, Talks Taraji P. Henson Feud Rumors [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
30-10-15 (01:03)   Man named as person-of-interest in 1989 abduction of Minnesota boy (Reuters)
27-10-15 (15:03)   'Empire' Cast: Is Taraji P. Henson The Reason Jussie Smollett Got The Role As Jamal Lyon? [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
24-10-15 (09:45)   Person of Interest Season 5: Behind the Scenes Pics (Spoilers Guide)
23-10-15 (18:27)   Person of Interest - Season 5 - BTS photo confirms [SPOILER]'s fate *Updated* (Spoiler TV)
23-10-15 (00:06)   Watch 'Empire' Stars Have Fun Messing With Taraji P. Henson On Set (The Huffington Post)
21-10-15 (22:43)   Taraji P. Henson's Cookie Gets a Guard Dog in New 'Empire' Clip (Exclusive Video) (TheWrap.com)
21-10-15 (01:00)   Adam Rodriguez Offers to Slay Dragons for Taraji P. Henson in New 'Empire' Teaser (Video) (TheWrap.com)
18-10-15 (10:58)   Top Posts of the Week - 18th October 2015 (Spoiler TV)
17-10-15 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which fan favorite TV show have you never watched an episode of? (Spoiler TV)
16-10-15 (22:45)   Taraji P. Henson Ditches Her Wigs for CR Fashion Book Shoot: "I Feel Naked" (E! Online)
16-10-15 (20:23)   Taraji P. Henson Frees Her Natural Hair In Jawdroppingly Gorgeous Photoshoot (The Huffington Post)
16-10-15 (01:23)   Taraji P. Henson Reacts To First Family's Thoughts On 'Empire' (The Huffington Post)
14-10-15 (15:58)   Taraji P. Henson: Stop Sending Cookie All the Cookies (Vulture)
13-10-15 (22:31)   Taraji P. Henson Reflects on Decade-Long Career in ESSENCE Magazine: "People Forget It's a Craft" (E! Online)
13-10-15 (09:27)   Person of Interest - Episode 5.01 - 5.09 - Titles Revealed (Spoiler TV)
13-10-15 (06:18)   Watch 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Online: This Week's Guests Include Kristen Dunst, Taraji P. Henson & Duran Duran (ENSTARZ)
13-10-15 (03:45)   Person of Interest Season 5: More Shoot This Season (Spoilers Guide)
12-10-15 (19:01)   Person of Interest: Check Out the Team's New Look in This Season 5 Teaser (TVOvermind)
12-10-15 (13:52)   Cancellation Wars ? Who Should Save Person Of Interest For Season 6? (Seriable)
12-10-15 (11:31)   Person of Interest Season 5: NY Comic Con Cast Interviews [Videos] (Spoilers Guide)
12-10-15 (10:02)   Person of Interest Season 5 - NY Comic Con Sneak Peek (Spoilers Guide)
12-10-15 (06:16)   Person of Interest Season 5: New Season Expectations (Spoilers Guide)
12-10-15 (03:03)   'Person Of Interest' New York Comic Con Teaser: Virtual Identity Crisis (Deadline.com)
12-10-15 (02:40)   Video: "Gotham," "Blindspot" and "Person of Interest" Trailers at New York Comic Con (The Futon Critic)
12-10-15 (01:03)   Person of Interest Season 5 Sneak Peek Finds the Team Trading Faces (TVLine)
11-10-15 (22:58)   Person of Interest - Season 5 - NYCC 2015 Promo + Will be final season on CBS *Updated* (Spoiler TV)
11-10-15 (22:52)   Person Of Interest Season 5 ? Extended Sneak Peek (Seriable)
11-10-15 (22:38)   Person Of Interest Cancelled By CBS After Season 5 ? Report (Seriable)
11-10-15 (15:13)   Person of Interest - Episode 5.07- Root and Shaw - BTS Photos *Updated* (Spoiler TV)
08-10-15 (16:44)   Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard Stage a Fake Fight to Prove They're Not Really Fighting (Vulture)
08-10-15 (05:03)   Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard Poke Fun at 'Empire' Feud Rumor in Funny Videos (AceShowbiz.com)
08-10-15 (03:31)   Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard Shut Down the Empire Feud Rumors With Feisty Instagram Video?Watch! (E! Online)
08-10-15 (02:29)   'Empire' Stars Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard Mock Reports of Feud in Parody Video (TheWrap.com)
08-10-15 (02:23)   'Empire' Star Ta'Rhonda Jones Shares Advice She Gets From Taraji P. Henson (The Huffington Post)
06-10-15 (12:49)   'Empire' TV Show: Taraji P. Henson Clears The Air On Terrence Howard Feud Rumors [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
02-10-15 (20:52)   'Empire' Drama: Taraji P. Henson And Terrence Howard Clash On Set (The Huffington Post)
24-09-15 (00:43)   'Empire' Star Grace Gealey aka Boo Boo Kitty Talks Season 2, Fight With Taraji P. Henson's Cookie Lyon (TheWrap.com)
23-09-15 (17:44)   Taraji P. Henson on Creating Cookie, Prison Flashbacks, and How Empire Is Opening Minds (Vulture)
23-09-15 (15:47)   Watch Jimmy Fallon Spoof 'Empire' With Donald Trump, Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson (Hollywood Reporter)
23-09-15 (15:23)   Taraji P. Henson's Style Evolved From Lil' Kim To Majorly Chic (The Huffington Post)
23-09-15 (07:34)   Video: Jimmy Fallon's 'Empire' Parody Features Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson (AceShowbiz.com)
23-09-15 (06:43)   'Empire' Stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson Spoof Fox Hit With Jimmy Fallon's 'Jimpire' (Video) (TheWrap.com)
22-09-15 (18:23)   Taraji P. Henson Thinks 'World Needed To Hear' Viola Davis' Speech (The Huffington Post)
22-09-15 (17:04)   Taraji P. Henson Praises Viola Davis' Emmys Speech: "The Universe Needed to Hear That" (Hollywood Reporter)
22-09-15 (16:00)   'Empire's' Taraji P. Henson Gushes Over Viola Davis' Epic Emmys Speech on 'Ellen' (Video) (TheWrap.com)
22-09-15 (14:45)   Taraji P. Henson Admits Losing to Viola Davis at the Emmys Was "Bittersweet": "We All Want to Make History" (E! Online)
22-09-15 (00:02)   Fashion Police Breaks Down All the Emmys Red Carpet Looks: Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson and More! (E! Online)
21-09-15 (17:58)   Taraji P. Henson Might've Lost the Emmy, But She Won Our Hearts (Vulture)
21-09-15 (16:03)   Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington, Mary J. Blige Having Full Dance Party on Apple Music Ads (AceShowbiz.com)
21-09-15 (06:45)   Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson & Mary J. Blige's Apple Music Commerical Is All People Care About on Emmys Night (E! Online)
21-09-15 (06:18)   Taraji P. Henson's Emmys Manicure Was Cookie-Approved (Hollywood Reporter)
21-09-15 (06:04)   Emmys: Mary J. Blige, Kerry Washington and Taraji P. Henson Team Up for Apple Music Ad (Hollywood Reporter)
21-09-15 (05:43)   Ava DuVernay Directs Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson, Mary J. Blige in Apple Music Commercial (TheWrap.com)
21-09-15 (04:02)   Regina King Wins an Emmy for American Crime and Pal Taraji P. Henson Can't Contain Her Excitement (E! Online)
21-09-15 (02:00)   'Empire' Emmy Nominee Taraji P. Henson on Why She Was Afraid to Become Cookie Lyon (TheWrap.com)
21-09-15 (01:45)   Taraji P. Henson, Sarah Hyland and More Stars Hit the Red Carpet at the 2015 Emmys?Get the Fashion Police Verdict! (E! Online)
21-09-15 (01:18)   Taraji P. Henson Wears Alexander Wang at the 2015 Emmys (Hollywood Reporter)
21-09-15 (01:16)   Taraji P. Henson Channels Cookie With Sexy Chain Dress at 2015 Emmys, Explains Why Empire Character Scared Her (E! Online)
20-09-15 (20:43)   Viola Davis or Taraji P. Henson?, 'Game of Thrones,' Jon Hamm: 13 Contenders Poised to Shatter Emmy Records (TheWrap.com)
20-09-15 (16:27)   The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2015 - Winner and Final Words (Spoiler TV)
20-09-15 (04:43)   Terrence Jenkins on Stepping Behind the Camera, 'Think Like a Man' Threequel and Emmy Nominee Taraji P. Henson (Video) (TheWrap.com)
18-09-15 (22:17)   'Empire' Season 2 Review: Terrence Howard & Taraji P. Henson Take No Prisoners In Blockbuster's Return (Deadline.com)
17-09-15 (21:13)   The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2015 - Day 31/32 - Final - Hannibal vs. Person of Interest (Spoiler TV)
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14-09-15 (20:13)   The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2015 - Day 29 - Quarter-Finals (Spoiler TV)
14-09-15 (16:29)   Taraji P. Henson Teases Season 2, Gets Cookies for Cookie From TheWrap (Video) (TheWrap.com)
13-09-15 (04:14)   'Empire' Star Taraji P. Henson Says Cookie, Lucious Are Heroes: 'They Broke a Cycle of Poverty' (TheWrap.com)
13-09-15 (01:27)   Person of Interest - Episode 5.04 - Title Revealed *Updated* (Spoiler TV)
13-09-15 (00:25)   Person of interest in Arizona shootings not 'prime suspect' (Reuters)
11-09-15 (23:10)   Arizona police detain 'person of interest' in highway shootings (Reuters)
11-09-15 (22:13)   The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 11th September - 2nd Edition *Updated* (Spoiler TV)
11-09-15 (19:45)   Happy Birthday, Taraji P. Henson! Now Here's a Love Letter to Cookie Lyon (E! Online)
11-09-15 (18:13)   The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2015 - Day 26 - Person of Interest vs. Smallville & Dominion vs. Buffy (Spoiler TV)
09-09-15 (20:44)   Warner Bros. Announces New York Comic-Con Schedule (Spoiler TV)
09-09-15 (19:28)   'Supergirl', 'Lucifer', 'Person of Interest', 'Gotham' & More to be Represented at New York Comic Con (TVbytheNumbers)
09-09-15 (13:13)   The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 9th September *Updated* (Spoiler TV)
08-09-15 (20:33)   See Taraji P. Henson's New Glamour Cover (Hollywood Reporter)
08-09-15 (17:16)   Taraji P. Henson, Gina Rodriguez and Emma Roberts Open Up About How They're Changing Television in Glamour (E! Online)
08-09-15 (16:17)   'Empire' Stars Taraji P. Henson & Terrence Howard Among Presenters For 67th Emmy Awards (Deadline.com)
08-09-15 (16:14)   'Empire' Stars Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard Join Jimmy Kimmel in First Wave of Emmy Presenters (TheWrap.com)
07-09-15 (23:18)   Emmy Predictions For 2015: Will Viola Davis, Tatiana Maslany, Taraji P. Henson Or Someone Else Win Lead Actress Trophy? (ENSTARZ)
07-09-15 (21:27)   Toronto Fan Expo Day Four: Amy Acker Q&A (Spoiler TV)
07-09-15 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which relationship are you most looking forward to in Person of Interest Season 5? (Spoiler TV)
04-09-15 (18:44)   Open Discussion Thread - What are you watching in the 2015-16 TV season? (Spoiler TV)
04-09-15 (18:13)   The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2015 - Day 19 - Person of Interest vs. Veronica Mars & Criminal Minds vs. Smallville (Spoiler TV)
04-09-15 (00:13)   Person of Interest - Michael Emerson and Greg Plageman discuss season 5, WGN, Netflix, Finch, The Machine and more (Spoiler TV)
03-09-15 (16:52)   Person Of Interest Season 6 'Backdoor' Plans Confirmed (Seriable)
30-08-15 (17:59)   'Saturday Night Live' Encore With Host Taraji P. Henson and Musical Guest Mumford and Sons Down From Last Week's Encore (TVbytheNumbers)
24-08-15 (23:09)   WGN America Is the Exclusive Cable Home for TV's Most Popular Procedurals, "Person of Interest" and "Elementary" (The Futon Critic)
24-08-15 (18:44)   Person of Interest and Elementary get 100-Episode Binge Event on WGN (Spoiler TV)
24-08-15 (18:38)   Person Of Interest Season 6 Hope Continues With WGN 'Binge Event' (Seriable)
22-08-15 (08:02)   Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 3 "Truth Be Told" Photos (Spoilers Guide)
22-08-15 (01:07)   Person Of Interest Netflix Release Dates Revealed ? Season 6 Boost? (Seriable)
21-08-15 (18:13)   The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2015 - Day 5 - Person of Interest vs. Pretty Little Liars & Veronica Mars vs. The Blacklist (Spoiler TV)
21-08-15 (16:44)   Person of Interest - Episode 5.03 - Truth Be Told - BTS Photos 21st August 2015 (Spoiler TV)
20-08-15 (21:14)   Michael Emerson, Sally Field, Darren Criss to Star in Charity Reading of Oscar Wilde Play (TheWrap.com)
20-08-15 (19:32)   Michael Emerson & Sally Field Will Lead All-Star Reading Of Oscar Wilde Docu-Drama Banned By Kremlin (Deadline.com)
19-08-15 (18:04)   Taraji P. Henson Plays "Fast Family Feud" With Jimmy Fallon (Hollywood Reporter)
19-08-15 (17:06)   Taraji P. Henson And Jimmy Fallon Totally Lose It Playing 'Family Feud' (The Huffington Post)
19-08-15 (16:00)   Taraji P. Henson Plays 'Amazeballs' Game of Family Feud With Jimmy Fallon (Video) (TheWrap.com)
19-08-15 (15:44)   Taraji P. Henson Plays Silly Tonight Show Game, Somehow Is Even More Excited Than Jimmy Fallon (Vulture)
19-08-15 (03:02)   Person of Interest Season 5: Keith David Joins POI Team (Spoilers Guide)
19-08-15 (03:02)   Person of Interest Season 5: Behind the Scenes Set Video (Spoilers Guide)
18-08-15 (21:13)   Person of Interest - Season 5 - Keith David to guest (Spoiler TV)
18-08-15 (05:13)   Person of Interest - Episode 5.03 - Title Revealed (Spoiler TV)
17-08-15 (23:37)   Taraji P. Henson Explains Why Her Role On 'Empire' Is So Important (The Huffington Post)
17-08-15 (22:04)   Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard Throw Back to 'Hustle and Flow' on 'Lip Sync Battle' (Hollywood Reporter)
17-08-15 (18:00)   Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard Recreate 'Hard Out Here for a Pimp' on Next 'Lip Sync Battle' (Video) (TheWrap.com)
17-08-15 (17:58)   Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard Will Remind Everyone That 'It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp' Won an Oscar on the Lip Sync Battle Finale (Vulture)
16-08-15 (00:27)   Person of Interest - Episode 5.01 - 5.02 - Shooting Scene Video and Spoilers *Updated* (Spoiler TV)
14-08-15 (16:18)   'Empire' Cast: Taraji P. Henson Reveals Who Is The Real Inspiration Behind Cookie Amid Lawsuits [VIDEO] (ENSTARZ)
14-08-15 (12:13)   USD POLL : What is your favorite Amy Acker TV show role? (Spoiler TV)
14-08-15 (11:44)   Person of Interest - Episode 5.02 - Title Revealed (Spoiler TV)
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11-08-15 (22:44)   Person of Interest - Asylum & YHWH - Reviews (Spoiler TV)
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11-08-15 (16:30)   Person of Interest Season 5: Sarah Shahi to Return Full-Time (TVOvermind)
11-08-15 (07:44)   Person of Interest - Season 5 - Sarah Shahi Returning for 8/9 Episodes (Spoiler TV)

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